SST-0465 Re-generate SST Tax Codes


Re-generate SST Tax Codes

This document is to show user how to regenerate tax codes when system already has existing tax codes. It is advisable to LOCK user created tax codes before generating. Without locking, system overwrites all tax codes after re-generate and unable to recover tax codes. When regenerate user can choose to generate exemption purchase tax code.
Below are the overall content for this topic:

Step 1: Lock tax code

        Tax Malaysia -> Tax Code -> SST

      1. Supply -> 2. Select the Tax Code -> 3. Edit

   4. Lock -> 5. Save

Step 2: Re-generate tax code

   1. Generate Sample


   2. F6 ( How to Add Purchase A/c Code )


 3. Tick -> 4. Generate -5. Yes


 6. Key in User ID and Password ->  7. Login


New SST Tax Code successfully created.

 If Purchase Acc Code Added - Purchase Tax Code Successful Generated